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Likert scale style questionaire generator with multiple responses for Moodle

This form allows you to generate your own questionnaire for a self assessment activity that generates HTML and Javascript that can be pasted into Moodle or other Learning Management systems. It uses HTML and Pure Javascript and does not record results back to a grade book. Once you have entered your information into the form, you can then test the interaction and generate the HTML and Javascript to copy and paste into your LMS. You can apply your own CSS to the HTML once you have added it to Moodle.

Complete the form below.

These are the options a user can select when responding to a questions. Typically you could use the values already entered. Each column also has a number value, this could be -2,-1,0,1,2 or any combination that will be practical for you. The value must be a number.
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
Responses are displayed depending on the sum of all the responses. IF the total is between x and y (inclusive) then the response will be displayed when the user selects ‘Check results’.
1 Between and


2 Between and
3 Between and


4 Between and


5 Between and


You can reorder the questions using drag and drop. The ‘reverse’ values option will reverse the column values for the selected question.

  1. Reverse values
  2. Reverse values
  3. Reverse values
  4. Reverse values
  5. Reverse values

Select the generate button above to test your questionnaire.

The code below can be copied into the HTML section of a Moodle page.


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