The Ultimate Guide for content creation in Moodle


Learn How to

Create a course.
Create a navigation structure.

Import content from Word or Google Docs

Use plugins

Use Font Awesome. Use Bootstrap to create responsive content. How to Install and use a plugin called Generico to create templates. Add Custom CSS to a course without using a separate child theme. Add the ultimate theme to Moodle

Responsive design

Add responsive template driven video. Add responsive images and figures

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Basic Interactivity in Moodle

Now that Adobe Flash has virtually disappeared, it seems that we don't have so many opportunities to create interactive content. Many education organisations used flash to create quiz tools and interactive mini applications that required interaction from the students....

Have you made the biggest mistake in life yet?

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. I think of myself as a conservative person, not a big risk taker and not game to try things that seem a bit too risky. When there is a decision to make, I draw pictures, diagrams and create pros and cons lists to help make a decision....

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