The following products are what I use every day when working with digital media, especially video and audio.

Note: Some of the links are affiliate links so I may earn something extra if you do decide to purchase any of the products from these suppliers.Audacity

Audio recording/editing

Audacity® is open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. I use Audacity for many reasons, it’s free but more importantly it is really easy to use. It converts to most audio formats and has easy to use functions that make quick audio changes effortless…Movie Edit Pro

Video editing for Windows

Movie Edit Pro is my go-to video software for Windows. When I was stuck trying to get a major project released, Premiere Pro kept crashing but Movie Edit Pro by Magix came to the rescue.Final Cut Pro OSX

Video editing for Apple/OSX

Final Cut Pro is now my favourite OSX video editing software. Straight from the iPhone or iPad to the editing suite and up to Youtube.Logix Pro X

Audio recording/mixing/mastering

This application has helped me write, record and produce over 90 songs and release many albums. Logic Pro X is my preferred song writing application mainly because it works so well with Midi tracks and Midi sounds.Bluehost

Web hosting

I often get asked about how to setup a website. BlueHost has a simple One-Click WordPress install with their packages. This is the easy way to start your first or 50th website.

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