The Ultimate Guide for content creation in Moodle


Learn How to

Create a course.
Create a navigation structure.

Import content from Word or Google Docs

Use plugins

Use Font Awesome. Use Bootstrap to create responsive content. How to Install and use a plugin called Generico to create templates. Add Custom CSS to a course without using a separate child theme. Add the ultimate theme to Moodle

Responsive design

Add responsive template driven video. Add responsive images and figures

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One take recordings, good or bad?

Is it worth spending all the time editing and re-editing video or is it better to do the one take option? I guess it depends, but here are some good reasons to aim for a single take. Cost Time Actually that's really it. What is 'one take' recording. This is where you...

How to test the Generico Moodle plugin Also available: How to install the Generico plugin This is part of a course - The Ultimate Guide to content creation in Moodle. In this course you will learn how to add the various content components to the...

How to install the Generico plugin into Moodle Generico is a templating plugin for Moodle with amazing features that is a must use plugin for Moodle. This is part of a course The Ultimate Guide to content creation in Moodle In this course you...

Adding JavaScript activities to WordPress

Simple javascript activities can be created in WordPress using the Scripts and Styles plugin. First of all, install the plugin Scripts and Styles plugin as you normally would. Create a new page in Wordpress. Then just add the code below to the Scripts and Styles...

Interactive activities in Moodle Examples

Welcome to Basic Interactive Activities in Moodle using Javascript with Ricoshae Interactive Interactive content in many online education platforms seemed to vanish when flash lost its hold on the internet HTML5 was going to take over but it seems to have been a long...

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