Choosing the right delivery method for your online courses

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There is a particular minimum set of technology you will need. We take you through the selection process.

Selecting, editing and preparing images for online delivery requires some specific knowledge about how the web works.

Recording video on a budget. How to use your iPad, phone or camera that you already own to create quality video.

High quality Audio is extremely important. How to record audio, edit and publish your audio.

Interactive activities created using JavaScript can enhance your course materials.

Chris Richter

Chris is an online education content development specialist with over 10 years experience in online education. Having developed online training material for some of Australia’s largest education organisations, Chris has working on content development projects up to seven million dollars. He has extensive experience as an online applications developer as part of interstate collaborations on online web conferencing and online learning platforms.Chris worked as an online development officer for many years supporting and training teachers in content development and online course delivery.Chris has presented at many conferences over the last 10 years including Edutech at the Sydney Opera House, Moodle Moot, Questnet and at many other education innovation showcases across Australia.
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