The Ultimate Guide for content creation in Moodle


Learn How to

Create a course.
Create a navigation structure.

Import content from Word or Google Docs

Use plugins

Use Font Awesome. Use Bootstrap to create responsive content. How to Install and use a plugin called Generico to create templates. Add Custom CSS to a course without using a separate child theme. Add the ultimate theme to Moodle

Responsive design

Add responsive template driven video. Add responsive images and figures

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Installing RemUI theme on Moodle 3.3

  Transcript   OK we’re going to install the RemUI theme onto Moodle 3.3 and first we must be logged in as an administrator, an admin user, then select site administration on the left, choose plugins and install plugins. We need to choose the file, upload,...

Audio for online courses

NOTE: Some of the links in this content are affiliate links and as a result I could earn a commission from them. There is no additional cost to you. Historically the biggest down side of recording multimedia for education has been audio. In fact this is a typical...

Editing audio for online courses

  You must start by recording the best quality audio that you can. Only then will you be able to improve the audio by editing. Typically audio editing is more about removing unwanted audio than it is about making the audio sound better. NOTE: As always, we are...

Where online education should go

I have always been an advocate for interactive content, having developed content for mobile devices and many online education websites. I have slightly modified my opinion of interactivity in that I assumed small interactive activities would help stimulate student. ...

Is online video the ‘in’ thing?

Online video statistics for 2016 Fact #1: Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Fact #2: Last year online video accounted for 64% of all consumer Internet traffic, and this number is expected to rise to 69% by 2017 and 79% by 2018. Fact #3: 78% of...

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